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Finger Lakes Lace Guild

Welcome to the Finger Lakes Lace Guild, Inc!

Founded in 1980, the Finger Lakes Lace Guild, Inc. is an educational non-profit corporation. The Guild's purpose is to educate the public about traditional lace, contemporary lace, lace-making techniques, lace identification, lace preservation, and the history of lace.

The Finger Lakes Lace Guild, Inc. welcomes anyone who wants to learn about lace, who appreciates lace, collects lace, studies lace and/or makes lace, and shares the guild's purposes. Meetings are held in Ithaca, New York.

Ithaca Lace Day has been hosted by the Finger Lakes Lace Guild, Inc. every year since 1980. Lace Day includes free exhibits, demonstrations and more, open to the public.

There are many types of lace, usually classified according to how they are made, including (alphabetically): bobbin lace, crocheted lace, filet lace, hairpin lace, knitted lace, needle lace and tatting.

PLEASE NOTE: our meeting venue has returned to the Airport, or will once this stay-at-home thing is over.