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Photo Gallery

Pictures of the types of lace featured in previous workshops.
External links are indicated by italics and a link icon 🔗, clicking on the thumbnail will take you to another web site in a new tab.
(made by Cathy Belleville)
Rosalibre Lace, several pink flowers and an orange flower with white stems and leaves Rosalibre Lace, zoom in on a pink flower and white stem and leaf
(made by Jean Jagendorf)
Withof Duchesse1
(made by Jean Jagendorf)
Flanders Lace, rectangle with gimp thread outlining solid scallops into honecomb ground. Flanders Lace, strip of honeycomb ground, folded into a V. Withoff Duchesse Lace, several disconnected flowers, leaves, and stems.
(made by Jean Jagendorf)
Bedfordshire Lace edging sample with corner, includes tallies, footside, and 9-pin headside. Bedfordshire Lace sample with footside and 9-pin headside. Bedfordshire Lace bookmark, with tallies and cloth scallops on the outside.
(made by Jean Jagendorf)
Lester 🔗
(made by Stephanie Peters)
Bedfordshire Lace motif, edging corner with tallies, footside, and 9-pin headside. Bedfordshire Lace edging, with footside and 9-pin headside. Lester Lace oval with picots and diamond ground.
Lace in Color
2 🔗
(made by Brenda Paternoster)
Blonde Flowers
3 🔗
Logarithmic Lace diamond in multiple colors, with concentric squares and diamonds.
Pink and orange flowers connected with yellow stems and green leaves.
1 Fingertips were left in the photo to indicate the size of the Withof Duchesse samples.

2 The logarithmic lace samples were made by Brenda Paternoster. Her lace pictures are chronological, and about halfway down the page (where the clothing begins), she had taken a workshop by Jane Atkinson. The waistcoat and some of her subsequent work was inspired by the workshop. The piece shown here, "After 'After Vasarely'", was based on Jane Atkinson's "After Vasarely" pattern, which appears at the top of this page.

3 Mrs. Claudette Bouvot, who made the Polychrome bookmark, was one of our 2005 Lace Day teachers. (The other sample is an antique.)